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The Socialist Labor Party


"The Socialist Labor Party"
by Nathan Dershowitz
Politics [New York], vol. 5, no. 3, whole no. 41 (Summer 1948), pp. 155-158.
First published in USA between 1923 and 1978 with no copyright notice in original publication, public domain.

Attack piece on the Socialist Labor Party of America, said to be a "very good machine for collecting money." The organization's 1600 members are said to have been "systematically milked to the tune of about $200,000 per year" to support a costly National Office headed by National Secretary Arnold Petersen and his "clique." Any research by the membership into remuneration of the National Office staff is forbidden, Dershowitz indicates.
Dershowitz calls the party's internal regime "a particularly ruthless totalitarian body." Free communication and discussion between party members is banned, information from the center is subject to "an all but military censorship," and expelled members of the organization are subjected to systematic shunning, Dershowitz notes.
Internal dissidents are said to be subjected to "totalitarian invective" coming from the National Office in New York. Individual members in the various Sections are first "propagandized" by the center, then instructed to conduct expulsions by the center, Dershowitz states, under the shadow of expulsion of the entire Section en masse for "disruption."
Dershowitz concludes: "It's quite evident that the SLP of Daniel DeLeon died a long time ago. What now passes for it is a grotesque caricature, an imposition on the American working class.... If DeLeonism is ever to gain the hearing of the American workers, it will not be through the fraud that today calls itself the Socialist Labor Party."
Includes an appendix detailing the 1947 expulsion of Florence Hyman, reprinting complete charges and her response.

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